The values we build upon.

The intention
bestows objects
with its soul.


We do not walk our path alone. Strong people accompany us: the region's farmers, craftsmen, architects, visionaries, creatives, 25 dedicated employees, and each and every guest we are privileged to welcome. Our loyalty to them all binds us together. We meet them on an equal footing. With respect and appreciation. Because every individual who subscribes to our philosophy is a part of our lives. We stand by our word, want to ensure a solid life foundation for our employees and provide an open, stimulating platform in a safe environment for our guests.


The Miramonti is a boutique hotel which defines itself as private, discreet and generous. It is always harmonious, peaceful, content and at one with itself. Personality is more important than prestige. Life stories are more valuable than success. And a heartfelt conversation between two like-minded people, who encounter each other here with us, is worth more than anything we can ever offer materially. That's why we take your needs and make them into experiences, and hopefully turn your ideas into ​​a successful day that comes true.

Space for innovation within tradition

Living individuality means breaking with convention. Thinking outside the box. And to do this, our number one source of inspiration is tradition. For us, design and atmosphere are a conscious priority. The Alpine style and the strength of nature play a supporting role, helping to determine all our decisions when it comes to creating new spaces and thus new emotional worlds.

Time for quality

“Good things take time” - it has always been that way, and it remains that way for us today. In this rapidly-moving age, we do not want to be carried away by the current of “higher-faster-better”, but instead wish to create our own river bed, where our life can flow at our own speed. So we take a lot of time with any new features. We plan carefully. Listen to our guests attentively. Discern their wishes. Reflect. Spin ideas. Build castles in the air. And finally, give our team enough scope to achieve a quality implementation of our imaginings.


We are “self-made” hoteliers. We built everything that surrounds us, we filled it with substance, and we won over every new guest to us and our philosophy. So we are all the more grateful that at the right moment, the right people found us - be they guests, employees or partners - and that these people developed a feeling for our values. That they fitted in and made our lives so wonderful, beautiful and rich with their way of being, their work and their inspiration. For that, we thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

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Two Places to Love
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