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MIRAMONTI Boutique Hotel

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Hotel Visits

Dear guests and friends, would you like to visit the MIRAMONTI? This is a great idea and fortunately you are not the only one thinking about it.

You can call or send an email to fix a day for your visit. We try to satisfy your request very quickly. Hoping in your comprehension, we would like to inform you that, due to organizational reasons, we don’t accept spontaneous visits.

Dinner on terrace

We like very much have our dinner on the terrace and we would be able to do it every day.

At 1230m above the sea level, the view is simply breathtaking but at sunset the temperature is not so warm and dining outside is not so enjoyable. We will do our best to let you dine on the terrace during the warm evenings from June till August. Please try not to be so disappointed if sometimes it would not be possible. You can enjoy  a glass of wine or your dessert under the stars ☺ Anyway warm wollen blankets are waiting for you all year long.


ROCK SOLID UNDERTAKING. Why are the parking spaces so small? Did we already tell you that we welcome you on rock solid ground? 

During construction of the underground garage we knocked against the massive boundaries of the alpine nature and had to reduce our generous plans. Thus, a garage with exceptionally slim parking spaces was designed. Whoever would like to play it safe here: our exclusive Valet Parking Service is always at your disposal.

We don't need aircondition

Urbans and flatland residents are accustomed to air conditioning in the summer and sometimes expect to be at an altitude of 1230 m.

With us in the mountains you do not need them if you follow a few things: keep closed curtains and roof window blackouts during the day and ventilate before going to bed. During the night, it always cools down. It is our natural air conditioning system.

Miracle hotel

Miracle or hotel? The miraculous miracle of the MIRAMONTI hotel. When chasing a dream, realizing a vision, life is essentially about two things:

there are those rare moments of euphoric highs, when reality and vision come to meet like yin and yang; and then there are also those daily worries and the desire to be able to fulfil your own expectations and, above all, those of the guests.

Over these past months, our expectations have increased manifold. Even with toes and fingers stretched to the limit, we can hardly keep them in check. Again, this is because of two things: because we claimed to have “Design”, and cameras appeared everywhere to capture this; because we lured you with our “Taste”, and all the gourmets applauded; because we whispered “Nature”, and all you lovers of nature have come to stay.

And THAT is the miracle of MIRAMONTI: the positive feedback you have given us, the enthusiastic voices you raise to spread the message stemming from Hafling to the rest of the world, and the uncountable people you inspire to come and visit us. We thank and appreciate each and all of our guests, new and old. Unfortunately, as is in the nature of things, we cannot work wonders for everyone. What we can do, though, is to make an honest promise to you who know our hotel from wondrous stories and wonderful pictures: we love design, but human beings even more; we appreciate perfection, but prefer individuality, with rough edges, flaws, and idiosyncrasies; we strive for the best, but also relish the feeling of leaving things as they are. Because, leaving things as they are and meeting you with respect and compassion, we are allowed to be just what we are: a young hotel, managed by young people, not magicians. We might not have the keys to paradise, but we do have souls. We want to enchant you. Yet, we are aware that to achieve this, the chemistry must be right.

Come and see for yourself. Explore, with nothing but an open heart – because this is all that a true miracle needs. We look forward to seeing you!


If there's something wrong at the restaurant, in your room or with some service that we provided you, please speak with us exactly how you would have done years ago when there was no internet. 

We will be very glad to solve your problem.


Help us to become the most sustainable boutique hotel in the region.

  • You bring your slippers from home
  • If you want your sheets changed for the day, please place the four-leaf clover on your bed
  • If you do not want your towels changed each time please hang them up, if you want them washed lease put them in to the shower or on the floor
  • Do without the evening turn-down service
  • Separate the garbage in the hotel room/suite while using the right garbage can

Electric charging station

You drive an electric car? That's good! You can easily charge it at MIRAMONTI

There are 2 charger available for Tesla vehicles and 1 for Electric vehicles. Power: 11 KW. We invite you to use it and do not charge any costs.

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01.09.2020 - 16.03.2021
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