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Departure into the new year 2021!

The MIRAMONTI is always on the move. With great passion and creative ideas for our guests. Therefore, in these uncertain times, we have decided to use the break in the best possible way to further develop our vision "Hard to find, hard to forget".

This year has challenged us, in every way. We feel that these winter months are the time to upgrade the MIRAMONTI. We want it to be at its best again in the spring.
Fresh. Lively. Dynamic. So that when you walk in, you hold your breath for a moment. Look around. And you'll be happy to see how the surrounding area blends in harmoniously with this new renovation. There are innovations and little surprises, but the original MIRAMONTI spirit remains constant. 

We will get back to you with the new opening date as soon as there is more clarity for the coming period. The renovation work is slowly coming to an end and soon we will welcome you back to MIRAMONTI. After a long winter break, we look forward to spending time and unforgettable #miramontimoments with you.

 In the meantime, our MM team will be happy to help you with your questions and requests - by e-mail to or by phone under 0039 0473 27 93 35. We look forward to seeing you. 

Start the new year well and healthy!
Your hosts Carmen and Klaus with 48 dedicated staff