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Forest Therapy

And you are invited to take your time, to fill up and to let go, at the Forest-Therapy. Guided and supported. Alone and in peace.

Take the Nordic walking poles and wander through the woods on soft ground. About 30 acres of hardwood and softwood welcome you. They are the realm of recreation. Follow the panorama trail. Listen to the sound of nature. The chirping of birds, the murmur of the mountain stream, the rustle of the trees. Monika Laner, a trained forest and wildlife educator, will be happy to accompain you. Experience mindfulness exercises in the midst of untouched nature and train your senses. Please register for this at our reception.

The MIRAMONTI Beauty & Spa Team

Our professional team made up of Ilona, Haydee and Myriam are there to take care of your personal wellbeing.