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Scent. Peace.
Thee Forest-Therapy.

Nature heals. Natural grounds. Nature gives.

And you are invited to take your time, to fill up and to let go, at the Forest-Therapy. Guided and supported. Alone and in peace. Take the Nordic walking poles and wander through the woods on soft ground. About 30 acres of hardwood and softwood welcome you. They are the realm of recreation. Follow the panorama trail. Listen to the sound of nature. The chirping of birds, the murmur of the mountain stream, the rustle of the trees.

Step into an oasis of tranquility. No traffic, no rush, no deadlines. Just you and nature. Only your desires and your needs. Only your heart that opens to the spirit of the alpine beauty. After each step a little more. After each step a little easier. After each step a little closer to yourself as a part of our MIRAMONTI concept. Enjoy it.

The history of the MIRAMONTI-Forest-Therapy

As your host I – Klaus Alber - will accompany you personally at your Forest-Therapy. This form of movement in and with nature is particularly close to my heart, as it helped me back into a livable, pain-free life. With the age of only 19 the Bekhterev's disease (AS) was diagnosed – with little chance of recovery. I sought help from various doctors, healers and therapists. But without the success I hoped for. I had to give up sports and the daily dose of aspirin has become a routine. Until I met one day by chance Dr. Andreas Kepeller, who spent his vacation at the MIRAMONTI. His trained eye saw at once that I was very limited and he found words of encouragement and comfort. By his advice, I found access to the forest and to the nature, and therefore, I was able to mobilize the musculoskeletal system and to fight actively against the disease. Long walks in the adjacent forest and special exercises according to "The 7 Aigelsreiter" by Dr. Aigelsreiter helped me to live again without pain.

Even today, I invest regularly in my health and try to find peace and balance, as well as the necessary and purposeful movements. Therefore, I would like to invite you cordially to make this experience with me.

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