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When the stone cutter sets the table…he presents the essence and the scent of the mountains of the whole region ...


When the stone cutter sets the table…he presents the essence and the scent of the mountains of the whole region.

He is able to bring nature directly inside our Boutique Hotel. You can smell, taste and sense it in order to let inspire your life style in the noblest and most extraordinary way. This is our greatest passion ever.

Where there’s nature, there’s the free mind too. The creativity and the desire of rediscovering the most important things in our lives. That’s why, in a summer day of 2016 with a hot coffee in our hands, me and Carmen wondered: “How would it be if our tables were set with stone?” Yes how would have it been, if together with Hans Karl Trojer (a very close friend of us and a stone cutter at the Südtirol Stein) we had been able to create something unique? Something able to represent the South Tyrolean culinary culture through the essence of our mountains? 

For sure we could not abandon such an interesting and captivating thought. Hans Karl Trojer was the perfect man capable of making our dream come true; he was in fact the person who had built our MIRAMONTI in the rock at 1.230 metres above the sea level. And it was always him who, during the renovation project in 2016, put the pen to paper in order to find out the best way to get from the porphyry rock that precious and valued raw material useful to our vision. 

“A stone dish?” answered Hans when we explained our idea and he kept silent for a while. “It could be a good idea” he said at last. We were sure about that. Hans is an exceptionally gifted artisan. He is able to understand the unique character of every single stone and through his  exhausting and precise manual work, he can turn that stone into an incomparable gem. And then he smiled, gave us a strong handshake on which we could count on as on the rock itself – that was the beginning of our stone dishes.

The porphyry rock (cornerstone of our hotel) has a typical grey-red colour which is very suitable for our location. The purist design in 4 sizes and 4 shapes reflects the architecture and the modernity of our hotel. The solid, distinctive and wild character of the porphyry rock represents the James-Bond-Lifestyle and our philosophy.

When we set a table with our handmade stone dishes in the Panorama Restaurant or in the MIRAMONTI Stube, we remind about Hans’ words: “It could be a good idea”. It has not been just a good idea; it has been a great idea.

You too can bring home Avelengo’s nature and aura: 4 sizes. 4 shapes. 4 hours of handmade work for every single dishobtained from the solid porphyry rock where the MIRAMONTI lays

  • price from Euro 80,- per dish, size 13x30 cm
  • Euro 90,- per dish, size 21x31 cm
  • Euro 100,- per dish, diameter
  • Euro 18,- per tray, size 20x20 cm


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