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Activity House

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7 am - 10 pm

7 am - 10 pm

Opposites strike the perfect balance. A harmonious tug o’ war. Calm, therefore, requires energy, just as activity requires inaction. To be able to put down roots you need to experience vastness and freedom. Our Activity House strikes the right balance. This is where we unite these polarising forces. It’s where we create the space you need to find your equilibrium:

our gym on the 1st floor is equipped with the latest Technogym cardio and strength machines. Head to our Sacred Space on the 2nd floor where our coach and pain therapist Barbara and our yoga instructor Heidi will give you all the guidance you need. Book personal training and yoga sessions, guided meditations and the Five Tibetan Rites or guided MM forest walks.

The MIRAMONTI Beauty & Spa Team

Our professional team made up of Ilona, Haydee and Myriam are there to take care of your personal wellbeing.