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Owners & Team

It took us years of travel to find our place in the idyllic Hafling. Here we realised now our long-desired dream of our own hotel. Carmen loves the extraordinary, the sensuality and to pay attention to the details. Klaus loves the power of nature, the changing of the seasons and the value of peaceful resistance. Together we create a retreat that satisfies all desires. An alpine hideaway, that bewitches immediately. Far away from everyday life. Very close to nature.

Carmen & Klaus Alber, your hosts.


Hotel Assistant

Magdalena comes from Meltina, a village just around the corner, and knows the woodlands and meadows surrounding the MIRAMONTI like the back of her hand. If you’re looking for excellent hiking and excursions tips, just speak to Magdalena. She’s reliable, knowledgeable, and will take care of all your needs. She’s been working at the MIRAMONTI since 2015 and is Carmen and Klaus’ Hotel Assistant.



Massimo is from Treviso. He has been at MIRAMONTI since 2012. His mission is slow food cuisine. This means that all his dishes are prepared using only the best seasonal products. And it is in the kitchen that the chef expresses his world.



Elma comes from North Macedonia. She’s been living in South Tyrol since 2000, and has worked at the MIRAMONTI since 2012. Always smiling, she makes sure our guests get everything they need at the Panorama Restaurant.




Marcello was born in Ponte Caffaro, Lago D´Idro. Our guests have been confiding their secrets to him since 2011 – you just know you can trust an affable person like him. And our Maître d’hotel would never betray you.


New projects

Annalena comes from Verano, a nearby village. She’s always ready to question the status quo and believes in living a sustainable lifestyle. Hardly surprising then that, together with Klaus, she’s responsible for new projects at the MIRAMONTI. She’s a native German speaker, but speaks excellent English and Italian.



Margueritte was born in Senegal but now lives in South Tyrol with her husband. Efficient and light on her feet, you’ll barely notice she’s been around – except for the spotless room, that is. A radiant person with a light, heart-warming soul, she’s recently been appointed to take care of our new Villa Fluggi in Merano.



Marcellino comes from Morocco and has been our dishwasher for the last seven years. His young daughter and son are his pride and joy.


Assistant Maître

Vincenzo is Sicilian but has been working in South Tyrol since 1997 and at the MIRAMONTI since 2014. Truth be told, Vincenzo has become more South Tyrolean than us – albeit with a southern flair. When our Maître d’hotel takes some time off, Vincenzo is the one who oversees the running of the room.



Tanja is a natural at what she does. After all, she was born into a hotelier family and used to help her parents before she could even speak! An open, sociable person, guests can’t help but smile when in her company. Tanja loves fashion and being in front of the camera – we guess that’s why she’s a successful model! She’s a native German speaker but happily chats with our Italian and English-speaking guests.



Arabella is our new friendly and courteous employee at the reception. Arabella comes from Lana in South Tyrol, she is a trained Chef Pattiseuse and recently moved to the MIRAMONTI reception. Due to her many years of experience in the "high standard" gastronomy, she immediately finds her way in the world of being a host. Arabella is very determined and sensitive.



Mohamed was born in Gambia and has been living in Avelengo for the last 2 years. He’s our trusty caretaker and assists guests, prepares the deckchairs and parasols, replaces bathing towels, takes care of suitcases, and tends to the garden.



Artiom is our young chef. He surely knows his stuff and is always ready to crack a joke.



Jenny comes from Lana in South Tyrol. She radiates positive energy and happiness, has a kind word for everyone, and lights up the room as soon as she steps into it. She loves travelling and discovering new cultures. A trained yoga instructor, she leads yoga sessions, and will let you know best spots to tank up on energy around the MIRAMONTI.



Enzo comes from Sicily. He’s calm and collected – and everyone loves him for it. He adores football and knows all the clubs in Italy. Possessing charm, good service comes naturally to him.



Marta was born in Vereno, the closest village to Avelengo, and has been at the MIRAMONTI for quite some time. When she’s not working, she can be found at her parents’ farm and riding school – good thing for her she’s always loved horses!



Jenny comes from Laudes, in Val Venosta. As soon as you walk into the restaurant, you can tell she’s passionate about her job. Indeed, she’s training as a sommelier in her spare time. Discretion and decorum are something this tenacious young lady knows well.



Dardan was born in Kosovo but has lived in Italy for many years. He’s part of the Service team and is always extremely helpful. Guests and staff alike love him because he’s always ready to give a helping hand.



Riccardo knows everything. He works in the restaurant, at the bar, the valet service and, if the going gets tough, even helps our caretaker. He was born in Liguria and came to South Tyrol as soon as he graduated from hospitality school. He learnt German from scratch, and, oddly enough, stands out for his quiet demeanour. He’s always in a good mood and keeps himself busy. Trust us when we say Riccardo is game for anything.

Anna Lena

Management trainee

Anna Lena comes from the neighboring village of Dorf Tirol and is currently completing her 6-month training with us at MIRAMONTI. Being a host was in her cradle... Anna Lena's family has their own hotel business and are friends with Carmen and Klaus. Her confidence is impressive. Currently, Anna Lena is graduating at the Hotel Management School in Lucerne (CH), where she enjoys a valuable education. Anna Lena is very sporty and inspires the guests and colleagues with her natural charisma and professionalism.


Creator of projects & ideas

Katja has already been working in the service for several years and has been giving our guests a lovely stay in the restaurant. She comes from the neighboring village  of Jenesien. In a short time she will change internally to the marketing department where she will realize projects together with Annalena Messner, so that the good ideas do not gather dust in the drawer. Katja takes care of the MM Online Shop.

Safety Measures for all of us

To make you feel even more comfortable during your next holiday with us.