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Hard to find,
hard to forget.

Boutique Hotel in the mountains above Merano
North Italy

On top of the world. Absolute freedom to become a better you. You’re a free spirit, in charge of your life – so why not take your hands off the steering wheel for a while, and let go? Find inspiration in the genuine je ne sais quoi permeating every corner of this magical hotel. Be inquisitive, and discover the stories behind every little detail. Get ready to let go and enjoy high vibes on solid grounds.

Where? Here with us in Avelengo, Merano. At the MIRAMONTI.
An experience effortlessly tailored to your specifications without even knowing it.

Special Deal

MIRAMONTI and Villa Fluggi package

25.03.2021 - 14.03.2022

from €1,890 / per Person / 7 Nights

Retreat to this special and unique villa. Spend a week with your best friends – those who appreciate the genuine moments in life – or on your own, exploring the quiet, wild magic of the nearby mountains and forests. Treat yourself to a world of peace, quiet, and luxurious style.

Just for you. Carmen, Klaus, and their 50 team members. At your service.

„Most excellent room with a view“ (Condé Nast)

"Peace and calm to recharge your batteries." ( 

"Culinary motto: Slow-Soul-Food" ( 

Experiences can spark emotions which turn into cherished memories.

MM Overview

Each and every #miramontimoment is different. Most of them are unforgettable.


The snow-covered landscape gives us strength and energy - we are very much looking forward to spending winter days together with you, at 1,230m.
Before your arrival we would like to inform you that there is a 2G+ rule in the house and we would like to give you the following Covid-19 information. This new regulation brings the highest safety for our guests. #now more than ever.

See you very soon, 
Carmen & Klaus Alber with 50 dedicated employees