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Partner & Friends

In our previous life, we grew up and lived in the countryside. It holds a special place in our heart – as does craftsmanship. Which is why you’ll only find genuine and original produce and experiences at the hotel.

Our suppliers think just like us. They’re more than just suppliers – they’re our friends, and you’ll often find us chatting with them in front of a nice cup of coffee.

Platter Franz

Fruit and vegetables

Franz Platter and his sons manage the Platter Farm in Avelengo. Ever wondered why our fruit and vegetables are so fresh? You’ve got them to thank.


Organic Eggs and Poultry 

The Noafhof supplies us with poultry and eggs from Verano.

Klaus and his father

Cheese and butter

Tastes like the best cheese and butter you’ve ever had? We think so too – all because of the Malga Laatscher in Val Venosta.


Apples and mushrooms

Our go-to man when it comes to hand-picked apples and mushrooms.


Apple juice

The Leitnerhof’s apple juice is made using fresh, crisp apples from the Verano mountain’s orchards. Refreshingly good.


Strawberries and raspberries

Freshly picked strawberries and raspberries from Avelengo. Sweet, juicy, and delicious.