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Alpine Dinner
19.00 - 21.00

Alpine Dinner
19.00 - 21.00

This is a new style of enjoyment: considered, mindful, fully conscious that the real treasures of nature and true luxury lie in simplicity.

Here in the MIRAMONTI-Stube, noble traditions dating from 1887 provide the framework for authentic South Tyrolean cuisine. Genuine. Cosy. Honest. In our wood-panelled farmhouse parlour, feel the romance that makes a trip to the Alps unique.

One special night our friends Nathalie and Elmar from Luxembourg invited us in their chalet; the stars were about to be seen and the snow was slightly falling. Along the path we realized that that night would have been unforgettable; a night with our friends and great food. We were surprised finding the originale cheese raclette instead of the classic one with small bowls, mixed grill, potatoes, cheese, meat, vegetables and sauces. Instead, on the table there was half loab of cheese put on the raclette where the Appenzeller cheese was slowly melting. The perfume was extraordinary and the cheese excellent along with mignon potatoes cooked in a coal-burning-stove, the sauces, cucumbers and radish. The dinner started with a delicate bresaola and air-dried meat and finished with a variation of home-made refreshing sorbets.

Our culinary voyage continued in Zermatt, a small village free of car in Switzerland, where we had again the pleasure to find the original cheese raclette. The chef gave us great suggestions and we came back in Hafling with the originale cheese raclette in order to make you taste it, accompanied by great wines such as the Pinot Bianco Graf von Meran or the Pinot Nero Graf von Meran (2 excellent wines for a wonderful night). 

Reserve the originale cheese raclette in the MIRAMONTI Stube for you, your family and your friends.

The local beef tartare is prepared in our traditional Stube directly at your table. It is a real highlight on our menu.
The tender beef fillet will be presented to you and then minced with a meat grinder. The ingredients such as egg yolk, olive oil, onion, capers, anchovies, pickled cucumber and parsley are stirred together by our service staff according to your taste and refined as desired. Enjoy a glass of Chardonnay with it and experience the South Tyrolean traditional cuisine in our MIRAMONTI Stube.

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From MIRAMONTI with love: we look forward to welcoming our hotel guests and day guests.

Summerdreams at MIRAMONTI

The birds are chirping, the first rays of sunlight illuminate the mountain peaks. The view from the room to the mountains on the other side of the valley is fascinating.