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MM Outdoor Adventure

Overnight stay in a Thule roof tent

It's perfect when you don't want to leave anything out, but don't want to add anything. When nature is close at hand and freedom is tangible. When the race against time takes a break - and a mountain experience opens up that is simply brilliant:

On that one evening all to yourself around the campfire. On this one night under the open starry sky. And that one moment when you wake up, open the tent and stand with bare feet in the sparkling morning dew. All around, only vastness and silence. And you: you and your breath. You and the mountains. You and this sunrise. You and the goose bumps when the whole valley fills with gold and every mountain becomes a shining crown.

Then you feel what really makes you rich: the essential. The truthful. The honest. And that which you take with you from your MM Outdoor Adventure just a 10-minute drive from MIRAMONTI as an incomparable memory. Everywhere.
Enjoy this limited special to 10 years of MIRAMONTI.


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