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Slow Workation @ MIRAMONTI

The MIRAMONTI offers our guests tranquility high in the mountains, at 1,230.
Wide space for creativity and inspiration.

With unforgettable views, fast internet connection and a relaxed atmosphere, it becomes a true place of power that can also be combined with your workspace.

Here Chérine De Bruijn (entrepreneur from Cologne and regular guest) describes her personal Slow Workation experience with us:

"Change of perspective with vision – the program of our everyday life is called: change. We live in a time in which things cannot go fast and high enough. Not to lose ourselves in the process, we must think ahead. Rethink and rediscover ourselves. Answer the question: What kind of future do I want to live in – and what role feels right for me in that? Change happens. Guided by an invisible force, we sense: The answer lies hidden within us.

In silence we find the answer. In the beauty the inspiration. All this unites a place for me that is "hard to find and hard to forget". Where I gain new perspectives and vision. A breakfast high above the clouds before I open the computer. A walk in the woods after talking to business partners about upcoming projects. Dipping my head into the warmth to dive into plans with new ideas afterwards.

For me, changing perspectives also means changing places. To revive my senses. To meet and see again people whose passion inspires and bring me a little closer to myself. We are all companions and there to see each other. And to support. Thank you MIRAMONTI for being a companion for me for many years – and a place where my change becomes a pleasure."

Your Chérine - #miramontimoments