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MORE SPACE for our guests - Project 2019

Give room to true being. New rooms. New experiences. From September 2019 at the MIRAMONTI Boutique Hotel.

The intrinsic creativity of the MIRAMONTI Boutique Hotel is once again expressed. In the passionate vision of the host couple Carmen and Klaus Alber.

Nature and space merging seamlessly to create total work of art that grows quietly and steadily together, like a wonderfully living organism. 

A character of its own, which is repeatedly expressed by the architects Heike Pohl and Andreas Zanier. New, small and unique units, creating an elemental language that is understood by those who look with eyes and feel with hearts. MIRAMONTI´S new experiential spaces: The Onsen Pool, Activity House and the sun platforms in the rock area are waiting to welcome you from September 2019. MIRAMONTI Boutique Hotel high above Merano.


An ensemble of nature, silence and purification. Feel the warmth, let go and simply be. Devote yourself to a traditional cleansing ritual before taking a dip in the open-air Onsen pool (38 degrees Celsius). Follow this up by relaxing on the sun platforms in the rock area. A private forest and stone retreat that unites old and new. Experience the mystery of the East and the pure untamed beauty of the elements. Japanese bathing culture in the heart and soul of our mountains. Stimulate your senses, fill yourself up with your surroundings. Wild, natural beauty invites you to discover your true self.


Power comes from performance . Every action has its power. Every experience has its place in time. Every spirit has its own freedom. Find your centre and find your peace in the Activity House. Surrounded by woods and rocks, filled with passion and soul and surrounded by beautiful and fragrant wood: the 1st Floor GYM with the latest cardio Technogym and strength machines and above, the soul rooms on the second floor. For yoga, meditation, gymnastics, the Five Tibetans and personal training. A new and wonderful addition to the MIRAMONTI Forestwalk. Let yourself be guided by coach and pain therapist Barbara and yoga teacher Heidi, who give the experience real emotion and memory value.


Peace seekers "float" above the forest ascending towards the heavens up steps. The five spectacular sunplatforms are anchored to the rock and offer private retreats. The handcrafted wooden loungers affords breathtaking view of the Texel Group and the Vigiljoch.