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10 years of joy.

In this video, Carmen and Klaus talk about the philosophy, architectural influences and their personal story that have shaped the MIRAMONTI Boutique Hotel for ten years into a place that is „hard to find you hard to forget“.
It was a big dream for them to buy the MIRAMONTI in 2012, but it was very far from their vision at that time. And then, step by step, the dream has become a reality. "I realized right away, with a strong woman by my side, it's all possible. We both encouraged each other and gave each other strength."

"We love bringing nature into the house. I like living the four seasons intensely and to make these changes tangible in the house." And you can feel this love in every little detail. In the hospitality that gives a good feeling. And by giving those special #miramontimoments that everyone can experience for themselves.

Klaus connects the last ten years very strongly with gratitude for "that we have succeeded, as two very simple young South Tyroleans, to acquire and create a beautiful business. Where it is not about getting faster and further, but that we always think there also in depth. And to be able to share this happiness."

What Carmen and Klaus wish for the future? "The greatest gift is when the guest comes back."

Experience #10yearsMIRAMONTI with us.