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In love down to the last detail

We live for our vision "Hard to find. Hard to forget" with all our passion and positive energy that nature and companions around us give us. We believe in a more beautiful tomorrow. And that is exactly why we decided to take a big step.

Together with the craftsmen from the neighbouring communities and the trusted project team, we are clearing the way for new experiences and thus creating new and unique #miramontimoments for the future, which will make a stay at MIRAMONTI even more unforgettable.

The conversion is already underway. In compliance with the protective measures, of course. Klaus takes care every day to always keep a clear overview. Delights in how the wood harmonises with the porphyry rock on which we are built. Plans where the wine cabinet will be. Carmen shares her love of detail, infusing the already rooted building structure with handpicked Scandinavian designer pieces that reflect the MIRAMONTI spirit in perfect balance.

With everything that inspires us, we love the story behind it. We would like to share this "love of detail" with you for Valentine's Day, too, and have put together two lovingly laced MM gift sets with which you can give the gift of joy: 

There is the "MM Sweet Valentine's Set" for the sweet seducers who simply cannot resist a delicate surprise... and the "MM Valentine's Bag" set with sustainable products to feel good. Collect. Keep. 

You can find the gift sets in our MIRAMONTI Shop as well as many other inspirations for your #MIRAMONTIathome. And if you would like to give away special #miramontimoments, you can find our value vouchers on our website.

We look forward to sharing all these emotions with you in person again soon and welcoming you to our newly shining MIRAMONTI. Feel free to follow us on Instagram and Facebook, where we always share our "magic moments" and look forward to staying in touch with you. 

Stay well,
Carmen and Klaus with 48 dedicated staff