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Workshop at Villa Fluggi

Fermentation course with Jakob Haller

Fermentation is one of the oldest preservation methods in the world. It is an ideal way to preserve various foods and create probiotic nutrients.

Jakob lives and works with his family at the "Hof des Wandels"; a permaculture farm in Eppan. He combines his many years of experience as a chef in top restaurants with the natural raw materials he grows and produces himself on the farm.

He will show you the process of fermentation in the kitchen of Villa Fluggi, followed by a tasting.


Lactic acid fermentation
Water kefir
Kimchi production

After the course we invite you to a cosy "aperitivo" in the living room of Villa Fluggi, with snacks by Jakob.

Date and place: 10 November 2022 Villa Fluggi, Obermais (Merano)
Time: 16.00 - 19.00 
Course participation: 190 EUR per person
Limited number of participants
Registration deadline: 06.November 2022
Registration via email: