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Forest Walk- a piece of MIRAMONTI served in a glass.

Our own SPITZENGIN was created in 2020 together with the brothers Manuel and Christian from the Schwarzbrennerei in Mölten. Klaus, as a lover of special spirits, has long wanted to produce his own gin. Preferably as local as possible. The London Dry Gin is therefore made from a total of 10 Alpine botanicals such as - juniper berries - larch tips and fresh young cones - spruce tips - pine shoots - pine tips - mountain pine tips - rosemary and sage, directly from the forests of Hafling, Vöran and Mölten. Our gin is distilled and bottled in Mölten, a neighbouring community of ours. Two editions were created immediately: the "SPITZENGIN Summer Edition" with a light citrus note. A little milder in taste and hard to imagine a hot summer evening without tonic water. The "SPITZENGIN Winter Edition", on the other hand, has a more intense aroma and is refined with local cranberries.

Every time we observe the shelves of the MM bar, it catches our eye. We are happy that all the ingredients from our surroundings give birth to this wonderful product. Try it out; with pleasure pure or as a gin and tonic. The "SPITZENGIN" is also available in our MM Online Shop.

Enjoy your #miramontimoments with it.